Just popped in

I've been devoting my energies to sculpting with ZBrush and taking Master Classes in Anatomy and Creature Design at ZBrush Workshops. They are now holding their Master Classes at Visularium.com.

I haven't done much music or song writing this last year or so.
I plan to play more with Richard and Patrick.
If we had a gig or ten lined up I'd be there on a regular basis.
It wouldn't take much to be back in the groove.

Here's a self portrait I sculpted:


this year is passing fast

still on hiatus from actual band function. Patrick and I have got together a few times this year. Once with Michael. I'm supposing we won't be together enough to play live for a while yet but Patrick and I plan on rehearsing this Sun. again. I think we could pull off a show with just the two of us in a pinch:)



It has been far too long since I was here.
Not much traveling on the Super Bi-way lately...

another new year

OMG it's another new year!

Since the gig last spring we have had a very hard time making time to all play together.
Busy Busy schedules and multiple projects have got between us and our musical collaborations.

But now with the new year arriving and the holidays and remodel projects mostly behind me I'm going to make more of an effort to make music again.

With a bit of luck both Patrick and Micheal can join me more often and we can feel like a band again soon.


did it again

We've done it again!
That was FUN !
I wish more people had made it down to the show but I'm grateful for those who did!

Thanks for coming!



Beltane and our gig with The Buddha Magoo tonight a the Matrix, Chehalis.

It's all sounding so good! Hope you can be there.

I'll be posting pix and stuff after just because I can. --->


2010 matrix gig MayDay

Another gig at the Matrix scheduled for May 1st 2010!


a new year

Music is still happening here on occasion!
Patrick and Richard have been getting together once a week again. Michael has serious time constraints with his current job/family situation. He's working on some songs via laptop now and then.
I've got some new tunes percolating also. No immediate plans for any gigs though since we can't seem to all be in the same room together...... 8-[


Dog Talk

Still barking, scratching, and some howling goin' on in the studio on the occasional odd night.
Might even be a new song or two soon. A couple good jams got recorded recently too.



We've been playing together again. almost regularly, for the last 2 months. I've been feeling great about the way we're sounding. Liberated and freeform. More to come, SOON!


this week

Just checking back in with an update.
This week Michael and Richard got together and worked on a new song that Michael is recording. Added a guitar track to it. Should be posted on Soundclick for the Technology project in the next week or so.
Michael had another birthday yesterday. :)

And then Patrick came over and Richard and he played for an hour or so resurrecting old tunes and jamming on some cover songs. Thought it worth noting because it's been so rare to get to play for the last 6 months with our difficult weekly schedules. And there you have it. Hopefully more will be in store soon.


True but strange

the three of us have gotten together once in the last 6 months but
two of us have played music at least 6 times in that time and it's possible
that we'll be playing as a band again!!!
Maybe not that strange but possibly true.


forgotten sparkelers

Thanks to Rash I've resurrected some old recordings and re-kindled some old forgotten sparks:}



I've been digging thru some old mixes of Quantum Mechanix era recordings and beginning to re-master some to diggital. Quantum Mechanix is the band that Michael and I were in the late 80's and there are hundreds of experimental/folk rock/jams and other pieces we recorded on 4 track back then. Some with other friends, some layered multi-track, most quite primitive but many are dear to my heart and ears.

I expect we'll be producing a retrospective sort of QM disc sometime.
If you're curious, Michael has posted some songs from those days plus a few newer ones for free download at soundclick.com


more Matrix pix

Lorin, Michael H, Me, Michael C.

Muriel, Boh, Ceceilia & I

Glad to see some friendly faces! Marisa, Mike and Michael C.

We presented the minimalist rocky versions of our tunes and I'd do it again in a minute!
Thanks for the chance to finally perform,,in public,,, in front of the whole world(so to speak)


Matirx with Milroy Holler

Some pix of the show. Sorry about the poor lighting.

Smallish crowd but a good show.

TripleDogDare(the incredible shrunken band)

We made it thru as a duo with a few rough spots, and our usual quirkiness and then
Milroy Holler was phenomenal! Best I've ever seen them by far.
They played as a seven piece band with sax, 2 women singing backing vocals, some flute, keyboard, guitar, drum and bass and they were HOT.

Milroy Holler

Thanks to all and what a blast!


changes, again

It looks like we'll be performing as a 2 person trio called something like TripleDogDare, most likely for the last time under that name.

Michael and I rehearsed the tunes last week and they sound good this way for the most part.

So this will be the first time just the two of us have preformed together live. I'm excited about it.

It's more of a minimalist electric folk experimental rock formation. duo ( is that a genera?)

At any rate, it will be the last of one thing and the beginning of the next and I hope you can be there to bear witness ;-)

Milroy Holler has also gone thru a bit of a metamorphosis and is now a 6 piece band with keys, flute and more singers. I'm excited about hearing them too. It's going to be a completely different show than I originally imagined!



Matrix gig Poster

It's confirmed! We're on for May 3rd.
Come on over and Trip the Light Phantastique.
What the hell, life is a cabaret!


May 3rd at the Matrix!

We've got a gig lined up with MILROY HOLLER on May 3rd. 8pm show I think.
We hope to record it again.


random Feb. bloggage

Tomorrow is TripleDogDare rehearsal day. (still ambivalent about that name)
Pete has been in contact with Moon from The Matrix about setting up a gig. Scheduling 2 bands/ containing 7 guys with work and life schedules is more complicated than we wish it were.
It’s looking like it won’t be till May sometime now. We won’t know for another week since Pete left for Arizona Tuesday. I’m hopeful that all these little setbacks are for a good reason and when the show finally happens that it is gratifying.
We'll need to assemble more Virtual Radio cd’s and I'm going to put together a limited edition jam disc too. Say 10 copies or so. 

Michael’s laptop crashed last week and he’s lost a bunch of work from the last couple months. That also probably means we won’t be uploading much more to the Dreamtime in Dreamsville project before the deadline on the 29th. I haven’t been able to bring myself to focus on recording my Fever Dream song anyhow. Too many distractions and other projects that need to be attended to. Many others that I haven’t yet gotten to as well. Car issues, job issues, pottery, house and garden need work, etc. etc.

Next weekend we’re going to Leavenworth with my parents for a couple of days too.


and next up...

The All Hallows Eve project was a great thing and brought a good number a songs together.
Now there's another project in the works.

"Out West Mutant Country"

Out West (Mutant Country) is a theme of slightly off the beaten path, slightly country/twisted/alien abduction and left of center songs that you might want to contribute to too.


Jam discs

a new Jam Disk or two are forthcoming! I believe it could be a box set but will most likely take the form of bonus cd's for those of you who care.


All Hallows Eve

There is a new project underway at Dreamsville and you can download some of our songs for free at soundclick.com . It's a "All Hallows Eve" various artist compilation that a number of musicians are submitting songs to for the next few weeks. Click on it over in the LINKS section of this page.


Hi there!

It's been far too long since I've posted anything to this blog so here I am. Oh you Poor neglected blogsite.

We never did get it together for a gig this summer. Things just didn't work out for it.
The band is still meeting and recording a couple times per month, as we can. It's been hard with our work and other commitment schedules but we've recorded and developed a few new tunes. Uploaded more stuff to Soundclick.com for a variety of projects that you could download for free.

Check out our soundclick site and our cd baby site if you're curious.


June and the Juno

Hey, guess what?
A new flash!

we still don't know for sure what we're doing. But we have a lot of fun jamming about it on Friday afternoons.

Hoping to have a firm date for a gig soon.

i uncovered the old Juno keyboard last week and started remembering how to make it talk to me.
Going to add to a percussion track of Patricks and make a dance tune for the Dreamsville Lucky Sevens Dance project. Michael and I are both working on submissions to the project.


a Live gig?

We are tentatively looking at a Saturday in June to schedule a gig with Milroy Hollar at the Matrix. More details to come soon.


St Valentines Day Massacre Project

This various artist project started by some of us on the Bill Nelson website Dreamsville
has been completed and is available for free download at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=666361

Many diverse artists participated including TripleDogDare and Quantum Mechanix.

Give it a listen. You'll hear electronic, indie folk, rock and more.

St. Valentines Day Massacre Project.


another photo

Just got this picture from one of those who attended the show. Thanks Jean.


of things to come

It's totally possible that these three guys will make music happen somewhere for you to attend in person and conscious. We'll let you know when we know.
It will be a rare and wonderful event so you will want to be a part of it.
I will want to be a part of it too.
Let's all be a part of it!
...more about that later.